Bearikades 2017

The Scout is our lightest weight canister at 28 ounces with a volume of 500 cubic inches. This 8″ tall canister is ideal for solo hikers. Also can protect food for two adults on a 2-3 day trip.

The most popular Bearikade. The original design was chosen to serve two adults for a long weekend. Measures 10 1/2″ tall. Weighs 31 ounces with a volume of 656 cubic inches.

The Bearikade Blazer is the choice for fast hikers on longer trips. It can supply you for up to 9 days with efficient packing.. Measures 12″ tall. Weighs 33.1 ounces with a volume of 750 cubic inches.

The ideal choice for hikes like the John Muir Trail. This 14 1/2″ tall canister has over 900 cubic inch capacity and weighs just a little over 36 ounces. Avoid resupply expenses by using this Bearikade.


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