Rent A Bearikade

Please read our Rental FAQs before placing a rental orders with our online order forms.

The entire stock of rental Bearikades have been reserved for the period August 1st through August 15th.

We are now taking orders for trips with need date (Bearikade in hand) for August 16th and later. Thanks for your support.

Rental Order Forms Instructions:
On the following rental order forms pages,

  1. Select the # of days
  2. Enter trip start date and end date
  3. Read the “WI Rental Guidelines & Definitions”, if you agree, click the YES radio button to reveal the SUBMIT button, and add your rental order to the cart.

To place rental orders for multiple units:

  • 4. After you have entered your rental order for the 1st unit to the cart,
    Click the Continue Shopping button on the lower left of the cart to repeat steps 1 through 3 to add the next unit to your rental order.


Weekender Rental Form


Expedition Rental Form