Bearikade Dzus O-Ring Maintenance

The o-rings under each Dzus quarter turn fastener head are vital components in the water resistant seal design.
These o-rings are coated with Super Lube synthetic grease at installation to insure smooth fastener turning while at the same time resisting water penetration into the canister.
After a few seasons you may want to remove the snap ring and clean the fasteners, o-rings and seats if you notice the torque has grown uncomfortable.
“Re-greasing” of the o-ring seals must be done with Super Lube synthetic grease or equivalent.

Bearikade Dzus O-Ring Maintenance PDF-94kb

New and Improved Bearikade Rental / Booking System

Wild Ideas LLC. is proud to announce our new and improved Bearikade Rental Booking System.

Give it a test drive here:

Or new Rental / Booking system has some great new features:

  • Now you can rent / book multiple units of different models ( Weekender or Expedition ) in one order ( we eliminated the 1 unit add to cart loop )
  • Now you can check availability during peak season. If we are out of stock the availability calendar will display when the units will become available for booking.
  • Improved transaction security. Our booking system is PCI DSS compliant and US/EU Safe Harbor certified, and our PCI-DSS compliance is validated by Trustwave.
  • Improved, easy to read email invoicing, with PDF option for printing.

We hope you will find that our new Bearikade Rental / Booking system makes it even easier to outfit yourself or your group and enjoy the great outdoors in peace, knowing your food is secure.

Surviving a 2 hour night attack near Clouds Rest in Yosemite.

This Bearikade® withstood 2 hours of attack by a large Black Bear at night near Clouds Rest in Yosemite.Donald Bellamare of Cheshire, CT completed a Yo-Yo trek of the JMT and his Bearikade® withstood 2 hours of attack by a large Black Bear during his camp night near Clouds Rest in Yosemite.

Hi Allan,
As we discussed on the phone, on the first night of my JMT Yo-Yo hike we had a bear come into our camp at Clouds Rest. Let me start by saying that a Ranger did warn us about this bear when we picked up our permit. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to feed this bear lasagna and then sit by and take pictures of him. What a dumb thing to do, as this bear is no longer afraid of humans and will most likely need to be put down, as we were told by the Ranger.

The bear first came into our camp around 10pm and many of the people there were yelling for the bear to leave and he just would not go. After finally falling asleep I was reawakened at around 2am by our dear “friend” mister bear. This time he came in even closer to our camp and decided to help himself to my bear canister.

I knew this because I got out of my tent like most everyone else attempting to chase him away, at which point I decided to check on our bear canisters and found one gone, mine! So, for the next 2 hours I proceeded to listen to this bear trying to break open my canister by smashing it against the rocks! Sounding like sticks of dynamite going off for like 2 hours straight, echoing through the mountains. I thought for sure I would have no food in the morning, needless to say there was not much sleeping going on that night. Luckily after about 20 minutes of searching that morning, I was able to find my canister in one piece! The worst thing that happened was a few claw marks and a small dent in the lid. Inside, the cap to my Deet came loose leaving some bug spray on my sealed food packages.

Don Bellemare

Yosemite Bear vs. Bearikade

Yosemite bear attempts to get food from a Bearikade near Clouds Rest
Summer 2014

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Bearikade Test: Grizzly Bears “Betsy” and “Ross”

Bearikade Test: Grizzly Bears Betsy and Ross Test Bearikade at Fresno Zoo.
April 7, 1999

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Bearikade Test: Black Bear “Buddha”

Bearikade Test: Black Bear “Buddha” at Wolf and Wildlife Reserve.
Test 1: May 1, 1999

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Notice for all Bearikade® customers

Wild Ideas, LLC is proud to have provided backpackers with the Bearikade® portable food canister. The lightest weight bear resistant food storage canister was introduced in 1999. In the 16 seasons since its introduction, Bearikade® canisters have amassed well over 200,000 nights of exposure in the field. Wild Ideas recognizes and appreciates our customers and their overwhelming support of the Bearikade® during 16 seasons without loss of food to wilderness animals.


Wild Ideas, LLC

Onion Valley trailhead sign.

The attached picture was taken at the Onion Valley trailhead sign.
Submitted by Bill Fincher.

Bearikade Demo Video by RedwoodOutdoors

The Bearikade Bear Canister is considered by myself and many other hikers as the premier bear canister on the market! While not the cheapest it is likely the strongest and lightest ones out there!

Thanks John ! Check out his other cool and informative videos on his RedwoodOutdoors YouTube Channel

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